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DEF - Drum & IBC (Tote) Closed Systems

Deliver DEF Purity & Protect SCR Technology

January 2010 EPA Mandate Purpose:

  • Reduce NOx Emissions for a Cleaner Environment


New 2010 SCR Engines require DEF Purity to convert harmful NOx pollutants in the exhaust system into nitrogen and water. If DEF is not handled properly…there will be problems.

  • Detrimentally Affects SCR Performance
  • Will Void Vehicle Warranties
  • Causes Premature Catalyst Deactivation
  • Fouling of Pre-filters & Injector Nozzles

The only proprietary tamper evident DEF Container Valve Systems that is Closed, Sealed & Secure from fill to dispense.

Stinger / Drum Pump

Probe / Dip Tube




Micro Matic CLOSED SYSTEMS control and manage DEF purity throughout the supply chain to ensure maximum SCR Technology performance and longevity. Provides tamper evidency and supports DEF Warranties. All Micro Matic DEF parts are compliant with ISO 22241 requirements for materials of construction.

3 Sizes, 3 Ways to Go & 2 Closed Solutions

To determine which packaging choice best suits your operating requirements you need to answer three simple questions:

  1. What is the size of the fleet to be serviced, and how many truck miles driven?
  2. What size package will deliver the greatest level of operating effeciency?
  3. What is the most cost-effective distribution option, i.e. ONE WAY, RETURNABLE / REFILLABLE or ON-SITE REFILLING?

3 Sizes - Container Options

55 Gallon Drums, 275 & 330 Gallon IBC (Totes)

55 Gallon Drum

Supplies Up To 11,000 Miles*
Ideal for one or two trucks operations and can last several months.

275 Gallon IBC (Tote)

Supplies Up To 55,000 Miles*
IBC (Tote) is delivered by truck and requires unloading by forklift.

330 Gallon IBC (Tote)

Supplies Up To 66,000 Miles*
IBC (Tote) is delivered by truck and requires unloading by forklift.

NOTE: * Above calculations based at 3% usage at average fuel economy of 6 miles per gallon. Container volume/mileage usage may vary
depending on vehicle dosage rate.


3 Ways to Go - Distribution Options

Providing the Most Cost-Effective Delivery Systems

One Way

Fill - Transport - Dispense
Dispose / Recycle

Returnable / Refillable

Fill - Transport - Dispense
Return - Refill

On-Site Refilling

Fill - Transport - Dispense
Refill On-Site


2 Closed Solutions - Container Valve System Options

Delivers DEF Purity & Protects SCR Technology
All Materials of construction are ISO 22241 compliant.

EPV (Economic Plastic Valve) System

For Single Use Application
One Way
Dispensing Only

RSV (Reusable Stainless Valve) System

For Multi-Use Applications
Returnable / Refillable & On-Site Refilling
Dispensing & Filling